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CONTACT: Fredna Hutchinson (323) 479-0320

Chris Hutch was a prodigy in every sense of the word. His untimely death at 27 left a void not just for everyone in his family, but in the world of Hip Hop as well. He was an up-and-coming star, sought after by record labels and music producers and a delight to tens of thousands of fans. Since his death from complications from the disease Lupus in 2013, there have been countless expressions of sympathy as well as requests for more of his music.


Neither his family nor his fans knew that Chris had a huge library of unpublished music that his mom, Fredna Hutchinson, has been working on since his passing. It has been a complex road, attaining copyright applications, getting the music engineered, and fending off those who wanted to take his music and profit from it.


Chris was born Christopher Kyle Hutchinson, but he changed that to Chris Hutch and later to C. Hutch. He was an extraordinary child. He started trying to compose music at age 2 and while Hip Hop was his love, he could play all kinds of music.


Chris was a natural businessman and entrepreneur. While he was in high school, he began selling beats for a few hundred dollars each and during his first year in high school, he produced a song on the album of Grammy Award winning recording artist, Angie Stone.  


 Chris was years ahead of his time and his music has unique qualities that made everyone sit up and take notice. Yet he was a quiet, private person, never wanting people to know just how brilliant he was. He made friends easily and treated everyone with such respect and caring that each person who knew him thought they were his best friend. He had a powerful, loving soul.


There can be no greater memorial to him than to release his unpublished music for his fans to enjoy. There will be a number of releases in the coming months to let fans in on the wonderful - but short - life he had and to introduce those who may be just discovering his music to a rising star whose flame was extinguished much too soon. They say that the candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long.


Chris’ story is one that shows how much we can accomplish if we honor our passions, and how much we can grow personally, academically, professionally, and spiritually if we get out of our own way.


Enjoy the music of Chris Hutch, not gone and not forgotten.

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